Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of financial options are available for individuals interested in purchasing an Amore Homes property?

We offer outright purchase and an 18months payment plan.

What are the benefits of communal living, and how does Amore Homes foster a sense of community among its residents?

Communal living has numerous benefits to both the individual and community as it promotes mutual support, understanding and mental wellness which is fostered through efficient space management.

What makes Amore Homes' properties environmentally sustainable?

Our residences are designed to be energy efficient, thus reducing carbon footprint thereby, promoting a sustainable environment.

How has Amore Homes adapted to changes in the real estate market, and what is its strategy for continued success?

We’ve adapted to changes in the real estate market by studying market trends and statistics to stay ahead of the curve. Our strategy for continuous success includes but are not limited to honing our brand identity, consistent marketing of our products, productive collaborations, prioritization of staff training and cultivation of a client aftercare program.